We work with brands we believe in across many sectors, from travel and lifestyle to education, technology, and nonprofits. We see every client relationship as a collaboration, working together create a product we're all proud of.


We believe in smart and savvy, in business and in life. We practice wellness, mindfulness, and alignment, and building environments and relationships that foster that. We care about the environment and believe that through collaboration with brands we believe in and good business we cancollectivelyeffect positive change in our world. Will you join us?

If you have a product, service, or resource we may benefit from—and in turn want to share—we'd love to know about it. Through smart tools for living and working, collaboration, and sharing, we can do more, better, together.

Thank you to our Partner Brands that enable us to do our business better, smarter, healthier.

These are the tools of our trade—tested, vetted, loved—our indispensable TOOLKIT.
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We draw inspiration from nature and the simple everyday beauty that is all around us. We endeavor to tread lightly, to ensure that our planet remains the same source of sustenance and beauty we’re so grateful for all the generations to come.


Fueling our bodies and minds with high-quality organic whole foods is foundational to how we live and work. Thanks to Thrive Market, which stocks all our favorite brands at wholesale prices and delivers to our doorstep, that just got a whole lot easier.
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Video collaboration—with our clients, with each other—solved. Frame.io is a local NYC-based startup we're proud to support and participate in the building of. Pronounced Frame-i-o, learn how it works and see how it can work for your business. 

Whether we need another Lacie Rugged hard drive delivered like right now, some Italian glassware or a fresh stack of Field Notes for the live/work office, Amazon Prime is our go-to for the best prices and fastest delivery, no comparison shopping required.             
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Individually we can do little, together we can do much.