AUTHENTIC Documentary-driven (brand) storytelling.

We believe in the power of authentic stories
to foster deeper understanding, and
make the world a better place. 

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My name is Willa Kammerer, and I built Firestarter Interactive upon my belief that we can do more, together. 

With a documentary-informed approach to interviewing and narrative, we help brands and institutions communicate with heart and clarity through film and video storytelling. The final product is never a 'nice to have,' but action-oriented toward our clients' prime objectives: attracting investment, growing enrollment, and increasing brand awareness and brand-individual connection.

Tight timelines are our comfort zone and logistics our forte. Our exacting process is the framework within which compelling stories are crafted and unfold. 

Wherever you are in the world, work with us


“Willa is a deft and powerful storyteller whose videos for Williams have captivated prospective students, inspired prospective donors, and educated thousands about our college’s character, history, and aspirations. She’s also wonderful to work with—highly responsive to our input, resourceful with time and material, and relentlessly cheerful.”  — Angela Paik Schaeffer, former Chief Communications Officer, Williams College (2015)

“The process of working with Willa was collaborative, but even more impressive was her ability to take my small idea and create a finished product that realized just what I intended. Willa's blend of strength, self-confidence, and humility made her a perfect partner, and her charm and honesty drive the success of her interviews.” — Andy Graham, Senior Consultant, Creative Portland / Designtex Surface Imaging (2011)

"Willa recently completed a video project for us here at Pine Point School, producing three videos....using the voices of the faculty and students, grades preschool through 9. We were impressed with her work at Brooks School, and after vetting several production companies, we felt sure she was the right one to realize our vision. All of us here appreciated her artful and thoughtful approach to the project, in addition to her ability to capture an authentic voice for our school. As an admissions office, we appreciated her ability to work on budget, on time, and to work seamlessly with our students and staff. Our entire community is thrilled with the result, and we anxious to work with her again on future projects."
Christopher Hibbard, Director of Admissions, Pine Point School (2016)

“We were searching for a collaborator who could guide us through our project. We hired Willa because she understood the what and the why of our project. Her experience and expertise provided us with both compelling multimedia stories and a great design template for our project moving forward. We highly recommend working with Willa as she is the ideal collaborator.”   — Jessica Bailey, Project Manager, NOAA Voices from the Fisheries Project (first client, 2009)



We—Firestarter Interactive—are a network of like-minded, life-minded collaborators. We know ourselves and our business is built on doing what we do best—each and individually—because that's smart business and that's happy, life-affirming business. Beyond creating content and building brands, Firestarter is a culture, a community. We aim to inspire through sharing our own stories of saying yes to life, stories of constructing creative, conscious lives seeking meaning, constant self-improvement, and the betterment of the natural and cultural world around us.

We believe in the power of digital connectivity and network, but also the counterbalance of nature and quiet reflection. Makers in many mediums, we pull inspiration and knowledge from a wide array of disciplines and information sources. Firestarter is relentlessly holistic—life, beauty, meaning, making: it's all connected. 

Firestarter is inclusive not exclusive, kindred-spririted collaborators and champions of paths less traveled, a community that invites you to say yes to life, to join the fire.